Brain CT Hemorrhage Public Dataset


This dataset, featured in the RSNA Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection challenge on Kaggle, offers a rich collection of brain CT images. It is meticulously categorized into seven distinct classes: 'none', 'epidural', 'intraparenchymal', 'intraventricular', 'subarachnoid', and 'subdural'. Each category is represented by 1000 DICOM files, providing a balanced and extensive dataset for analysis and machine learning applications.

Dataset Details

Categories: None, Epidural, Intraparenchymal, Intraventricular, Subarachnoid, Subdural

Files: 1000 DICOM files per category

Total Images: 6000 DICOM files

Source: RSNA Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection Challenge on Kaggle (

Use Case

This dataset is ideal for researchers and practitioners working on medical imaging. It provides a substantial resource for developing and testing algorithms in the detection of various types of intracranial hemorrhages.

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