Rules for uploading datasets and AI models.

Datasets can be set as public, allowing the general public to directly access the data. If set as a private dataset, only members of the same organization can access it, and it cannot be searched for. Dataset administrators should first create a public dataset, which includes documentation on private dataset-related information and contact details. Then, dataset administrators should add a custom field named "needapply" with a value of "true" to the dataset. This dataset will provide an application process; upon approval, dataset administrators can add user accounts to the list of collaborators, enabling them to access private dataset-related information.

The dataset maintainer is responsible for approving dataset usage requests on this platform. Please log in to the Dataset Application Portal using your maintainer account to approve.

To add collaborators, simply search for the email account before the "@" symbol. For example, to add the user "," enter "docliu" to add them as a user.

The naming conventions for datasets are as follows:

Public: ihd-ct

Private: ihd-ct-private

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